Staff & Leaders

Staff & Leaders

Director of Music Ministries

William Ness

William is the Interim Music Director here at Wesley.
Director of Children, Youth, & Family Ministries

Nan AK Gibbons

Nan came to Wesley initially to serve as the Director of the Children’s Choir, which she has been able to build?up over the last three years. When staffing changes occurred in the Christian Education ministry, Nan graciously assumed a limited role, and on an interim basis, to oversee aspects of our Sunday program, which included designing curriculum and scheduling teachers. She accepted the role permanently in April 2019.
Ghanaian Choirmaster

Desmond Cheatham

Desmond recently moved to Worcester from Ghana. He has served as choirmaster for a youth choir in Ghana, and has hopes to continue his schooling in music.
Lay Leader

Deborah O’Driscoll

Debbie is Wesley’s Lay Leader. She is a longtime member and also serves as the music assistant.
Youth Director

Anthony Phillips

Anthony is a Youth Director at Wesley along with his wife, Adrienne Hall-Phillips. He has been a member at Wesley for several years.
Youth Director

Adrienne Hall-Phillips

Adrienne Hall-Phillips is a Youth Director at Wesley along with her husband, Anthony Phillips. She loves working with young people and helping them learn and grow in their faith.
Mission Committee Coordinator

Betsy Pennino

Betsy Pennino became a Wesley member in 1992. She first was part of the Education Work Area and then joined SPRC. Leaving SPRC to join the Mission Committee, she became Coordinator in 2012. Betsy was a member of UMW and became Sarah Circle Chair in 2006, for 7 years. Since then she has continued to function as circle chair, though she is, in fact, in charge of only circle communications. Betsy’s career has been in high school teaching, counseling and…